Lithuanian citizenship – Lithuanian & European Passport - Lithuanian Pension

In order to commence the official process for reinstatement of Lithuanian citizenship and acquiring a Lithuanian - European passport one is required to contact the Lithuanian Embassy or to the appropriate authorities in Lithuania. However, it is not recommended to contact them before carrying out preliminary factual and legal inquires in a thorough, professional and qualified manner, in order to determine in advance whether the applicant for Lithuanian citizenship allegedly meets eligibility requirements according to the Lithuanian law.

In June 23rd 2016 it was published that the Lithuanian Parliament, the Seimas, resolved to amend the Lithuanian Citizenship Law in manner that enables also to Jewish Lithuanians as well as their descendants, who left Lithuania between the years 1919 - 1940 (in addition to those who left between 1940 - 1990), whom are eligible for Lithuanian citizenship by law, to reinstate their Lithuanian citizenship without waiving their other citizenship, so in practice they may hold dual citizenship. This legislative amendment was generated following a policy adopted by the Lithuanian Immigration Department, for a certain period of time, which prevented Jewish Lithuanians and their descendants who left Lithuania during those years from reinstating, De Facto, their Lithuanian citizenship without waiving their other citizenship. This major and significant achievement was accomplished, among other activities, also due to our firm's active assistance and involvement regarding this issue in front of various officials, in Israel as well in Lithuania, including professional and legal counsel provided to the Association of Lithuanian Jews in Israel.

As an essential and inseparable part of the process there one is required to present the Lithuanian authorities all necessary certificates and various official documents (along Notary and Apostille certifications) both from Lithuania and the State of Israel. This requirement is intended to prove the affiliation between each Lithuanian citizenship applicant and Lithuania, during the period in which it was an independent state prior its accession by the USSR.

Most of the required documents are such as: birth, education, immigration, identity, marriage certificates, passports, etc. Frequently problems may arise regarding the match of the existing documents to the strict criteria of the Lithuanian authorities and the law. Therefore often it is necessary to undertake procedures of altering/updating the abovementioned Israeli documents (such as change of name, date of birth) and/or obtaining additional documents from the State of Israel. Those procedures require support and legal counsel, considering the Israeli law as well.

Therefore there is a great importance of acquiring counsel and assistance from a certified Israeli advocate and notary, who specializes in Lithuanian citizenship law as well as in the relevant legal procedures in Israel and who is also well-known to the Lithuanian embassy representatives and the authorities in Lithuania.

Preliminary counsel, professional translation and authentication of the documents by a notary as well as close counseling and guidance during the proceedings by an experienced lawyer can significantly increase one's chances for acquiring a Lithuanian Citizenship and a Lithuanian Passport which is a European Passport for all purposes.

Adv. Zeev Lisson (Col. Ret.), born in Kovno (Kaunas), Lithuania, qualified as a lawyer since 1976 and as Notary since 1994 and speaks fluent Lithuanian and Russian as mother tongues. Since 2005 he specializes in legal counseling regarding the procedures for reinstatement of Lithuanian citizenship, locating of required certificates and documents in Lithuania via local contacts, translation of documents and preparation of relevant notary certificates.

For this purpose Adv. Lisson maintains a continuous and direct contact with the representatives of the Embassy of Lithuania in Israel as well as with representatives of the relevant authorities in Lithuania in which he is well known for many years. Periodically and in case of need Adv. Lisson travels to Lithuania to handle special cases.

Appeals over the decisions of the Lithuanian Interior Minister and/or the Migration Department - Our firm maintains an ongoing cooperation with a professional Lithuanian law firm in order to appeal to the Lithuanian courts.

Lithuanian Pension - Our firm handles procedures for obtaining of Lithuanian Pension funds for the eligible.

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Embassy of Lithuania in Ramat Gan - Web site

The abovementioned information is provided only as general information and does not constitute advice, recommendation, legal counseling or a substitute for legal advice.

Please note that the full discretion to grant Lithuanian citizenship & European passport is only vested in Lithuanian authorities.